Great, as usual

by Doug F

I dropped my Fender Mustang bass off with Paul to fix buzzing on the G string. He fixed that, did a set up on it, changed strings and just made it sound great. He's the best around and I recommend Paul for all your guitar issues.


by Ron H

Paul is a perfectionist. This is exactly the kind of person I want working on my guitar! He did some recent restoration work on my headstock and it is flawless. He also does an oustanding job with set up. Paul is professional and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend!!!

Best in OC

by Joe A

I've been taking my guitars to Paul for around 20 years now. He always does an incredible job and never ignores a single detail. Plus he's such a positive guy with a great heart and attitude. Thanks Paul!

I didn't have to pull any strings to meet Paul

by Neil F

I took my recently acquired, preowned Taylor 810e to Paul. The 810e is beautiful in sound, but had a few issues in the looks department which I had hoped were not structural. I took the guitar to Paul for an assessment, and he spoke the words that I had hoped: structurally sound, but let's make sure any issues are stabilized, and then we'll worry about addressing aesthetics. Listening to him talk about the issues he identified and what he'd do to remedy them instilled a lot of confidence in me. Gave him the go ahead to make the repairs. Can't wait to see/hear it in two weeks. I'm confident based on all the feedback that Paul's work will delight my senses.


by Deyo B

I met Paul yesterday for the first time and left three guitars. All with slightly different issues. I was very impressed with Paul's range of knowledge and experience. He anticipated my needs before I could articulate them and left me with a real sense of confidence that my instruments are in the hands of a true artist. I have been waiting for literally years to get these repairs off my bucket list. I left with a rare feeling of satisfaction. The messages above speak for themselves. Thanks Paul!

My Bass Is Healthy Again

by Ron E

Awesome job on my bass, sounds better than the day I bought it over 30 years ago, it always had a A little buzz sometimes when playing out and around , but is gone. and feel great again. Also your album sounds great, looking forward to seeing you and your band Thanks Paul may God continue to bless you in all areas of your life

Amazing is an Understatement

by Gerald S

Paul is both extremely welcoming and professional, you can talk to him about your guitar and anything else without hesitation. I bought a Stratocaster from 1986 that needed a good amount of TLC and Paul did a fantastic setup, fret polish/dress and smoothed out all the contact points of the string as well. That Stratocaster is now my absolute favorite guitar in my short 10 years of playing. He's quick to communicate with and is very clear with suggestions on what your instrument may need- fantastic service and quality!

If you are not going to Paul, then you don't really love your guitar

by Kirk W

I have been going to Paul for years. I join all the other customers who praise his consummate abilities in everything music. I bless the day I first came to Paul, and if your serious about your guitars, then you will too. On top of that, he is a purely amazing human being...

Paul's the man

by Doug S

I have been taking my guitars to Paul for years. Paul is the consummate professional. He's always given sound advice on my guitars and other things like pedals and all things music.I recommend him to everyone I know. He is a pretty cool guy and a great person!


by Anthony A

Only have one thing to say: Paul is a Jedi Master!

Quality from Paul always

by Artie D

Paul is very accommodating and does excellent quality work.I refer Paul to everyone I know who is a guitar player Beside Paul's expertise, he cares about every client and guitar that he works with to give them the best. I haves used Paul on many occasions and received exactly what I desiredWith my guitars. Thank you Paul


by Jeff K

Paul really knows what he is doing and is one of the friendliest guys I have ever met. Great service. I love the way my guitar sounds now. I highly recommend Guitar Remedy.

First time user

by Vivian D

I have not played my guitar in 30 years. Brought it to Paul with no expectation that it could be brought back to life - but he did it!!! Really a wonderful experience all the way around!

Great service

by Jay H

Paul obviously cares about people and instruments. Great experience with Guitar Remedy from beginning to end. So glad the guys from Gretsch sent me his way.

The Angel of Guitars

by Kirk W

Paul, has educated me, and amazed me with his love and compassion for stringed instruments. His knowledge and abilities to recognize, diagnose and remedy problems with my instruments have continued to make them a joy to play. My deepest thanks and admiration for all you do. Kirk

The BEST in Orange County

by Jim M

Paul has the touch. He brings stringed instruments to life. He listens to what your needs might be and then delivers......everytime! If I move out of state I will still ship my guitars to the one place I can count on for excellence......Guitar Remedy. Thank you Paul.

Guitar Whisperer

by Jeff M

Paul was able to bring my Ovation Celebrity acoustic electric guitar back from the dead with a precision tuneup. Miracles still happen!And the adjustments he made to my Yamaha bass make it very playable now. He truly is a Guitar Whisperer!

Thanks Paul

by Chris F

Paul is very friendly, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. His on-line scheduling tool is amazing and my whole experience was great. Highly recommend working with him.

Paul is awesome

by Bill M

Paul is great and I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to trust someone with your instruments. So far Paul has worked on my Oribe acoustic Grand Supreme and my violin bass guitar. I love his work, his work ethic and his heart. He is a good honest Christian man with a heart of gold. Thanks Paul.

The Pinnacle of Craftsmanship and Service

by Eric W

My first experience with Guitar Remedy was outstanding! Paul Stebner's level of honesty, service, and skill are exemplary. I took my Epiphone Explorer to be diagnosed, as I had been experiencing many issues with my guitar. Guitar Remedy's repair studio was very clean and organized. Paul has a very friendly and understanding personality. He quickly, zeroed in on exactly what needed attention and thoroughly answered all questions. Pricing was very fair and reasonable. Upon picking up my guitar, I was stunned by the transformation. Paul assured me that if I was not satisfied with the outcome, he would adjust the guitar until it was exactly what I desired. I am pleased to say, my guitar has never played or sounded better. It was spot-on first play. Paul has a real gift and he maintains genuine concern for your instrument, which brilliantly shows in his work. I highly recommend Guitar Remedy.

Jesse G says:

by Jesse G

My first experience at guitar remedy was awesome! Paul was tremendously helpful and informative. I brought my Gibson J-29 in for a diagnosis and left with a pocket full of wisdom and insight. I'm truly looking forward to bringing my instruments to Dr. Paul in the future! I recommend this place to anyone looking for quality work . Thank you guitar remedy!!

Good As it Gets!

by Greg C

Brought my Vintage 70's Made in Japan P-Bass to Paul last week needing some TLC. Got it back today and it was awesome. He got everything right on it, unlike some other Luthiers. I HIGHLY recommend Guitar Remedy for anything guitar related that you want fixed correctly the first time! Reasonable pricing, and one hell of a cool dude that makes you feel welcome and doesn't lie to you or upsell anything. A++++ all the way around.

Best at his craft and absolutely super guy!

by Kelly K

I've been using Paul as my guitar tech for years and he has worked on all of my guitars both electric and acoustic. He is not only the best at as his craft, but just an absolutely wonderful person. It is really a joy to visit with him and I would trust him to take care of any thing you might need for your guitars!

Superb Service as always

by Randall S

Paul Stebner always delivers professional service and knows his craft. This visit was no exception. Paul has set up all of my Taylor guitars to my specific needs (step down, low action), and also performed all the warranty work (of which there hasn't been much) on those same Taylors.

My New Guitar Repair Guy!

by David L

My novice diagnosis for the guitar was not what it turned out to be (what a relief), but still was worth the 25 minute drive because I found a new guitar repair person who is trustworthy and kind! I can see why Paul has stellar ratings, and I'm glad they helped in making my decision to go to him.

Professional, Knowledgeable

by Stephen G

I went expecting to leave a guitar for warranty work and pick it back up later. A simpler problem than I expected was fixed right at the drop off appointment. I drove many miles based upon references from the manufacturer and am glad I did.

The Man has a Gift!

by Mike W

Paul did a complete setup and refret on my1999 Taylor 714ce. This is my main guitar for shows and has seen a ton of miles. The crazy thing is the last time the guitar was touched was also by Paul in 2005. While over the last couple years I've known it was due for a tune up, the guitar was still super playable & did the job just fine for over 100 live shows in . It's always hard to find the time in between gigs but Paul knew I had a gig on Saturday and had it ready for me to pick up at 9am that morning. The guitar sounds better than ever. The man has a gift! Thanks Paul!MW

Simply The Best

by Bill S

A couple years ago I took one of my guitars to Paul for a setup and I've never gone anywhere else since. His work is meticulous. He's done work to my acoustics, my electrics and my pedal board. I've asked him for his thoughts and advice before I made some of my purchases and I've always been more than happy with the results. I trust Paul and consider him a friend as well an outstanding luthier. Thank you Paul for everything and CONGRATS on your awesome CD!

Highest quality work and a genuinely great guy

by Worth H

I've been working with Paul for over fifteen years, and he's the only guitar tech that I will go to. I've tried others over the years, but my instruments always play better after he's worked with them. Incredible attention to detail, precision work, and always takes the time to talk through all of the alternatives so I understand what/why/how we are doing something. He also does flawless repair work, and has made some pretty bad acoustic guitar damage almost undetectable. Over the years, he's worked on three Taylor acoustics, two Fender American Strats, three Fender American Standard P-Basses and a Les Paul studio, as well as my band mate's vintage Les Paul, 73 Tele and assorted Taylor acoustics. All of them have played beautifully with his care. On top of the great technical setup, Paul takes a holistic approach to guitar setup, and makes sure he understands your particular requirements and playing style. He's the first guy that listened to how I play, and set up accordingly so that both the guitar and I were happy while I played it. He's also one of my favorite people in the world, a genuinely nice guy that cares about people and their instruments, and he's always been really supportive of my own musical journey. He works with a ton of integrity and I always feel like he has given me more than I asked. Paul is also a wealth of great musical info, and has even allowed me to bring an amp into the studio and helped me dial in settings to maximize what we were doing with the guitar and bass setup. As as side note, I would also highly recommend Marnie's vocal lessons. I've been taking lessons with her off an on for the last few years, and there is always a dramatic improvement after each lesson. My band is blown away at the range i've developed, and our fans are continually complimenting me on the year over year vocal improvements. I like to set up a dual appointment to drop off an instrument and take a vocal lesson at the same time. My other guitar player just had his first lesson, and even after one lesson he's singing better and more confidently. Take your instruments to Paul Stebner, you will be incredibly happy.

'Good' or 'Best'?

by Jim M

How many times have you settled for 'good' ? Too many? Don't do it with your guitars. Do you appreciate attention to detail, experience and ability? Go to Guitar Remedy. In addition to being an outstanding luthier, Paul is also a performer and recording artist. Whatever your guitar needs, he can do. Good or Best? Paul is the BEST!

Amazing man and artist!!

by Jeff W

I picked up my Charvel that was in need of a setup and also had Paul install an Iron Age Guitar Accessories brand killswitch. I couldn't be happier! Paul's attention to detail and the level of his workmanship is stellar! I wouldn't trust my guitar to anyone else! Also, his new Hollybells CD Modern Psalms is the BOMB! So beautiful! Thanks Paul! Cheers to you and your wife!!

Helpful, as always!

by Elaine M

Love going to Paul to fix my Taylor. He always knows what he is doing, and he is warm, sweet, and friendly!


by Richard M

Top notch guy to work on your guitar. Very pleasant and honest too.

Great Person

by Luis R

Paul was very helpful and considerate. I really appreciated the fact that, for such a simple repair, Paul showed me how to fix the issue myself if need be. Being that I was on a tight budget, this was and is greatly appreciated. A deed only a kindred soul could do.

Couldn't have been better!! AAA+++!!!

by Jeff W

I dropped my new Charvel guitar off with Paul to have the setup inspected along with having him install a killswitch. It was a true pleasure to meet the man that Fender recommended to me for these services! Paul is extremely personable and professional. I appreciated that he took the time to explain his recommendations to me and made me feel like I wasn't a newbie guitar player. I also sincerely appreciated the fact that he treated my guitar with the same level of care as if the guitar was his own. Paul is the MAN and I am so looking forward to picking up my guitar post his wizardry! I can now rest knowing that if and when I need something else I have a true professional to entrust my guitar with!

I was in need of a Remedy !

by Mark S

Paul came through again as this time I had a couple of tough issues. One, I had not played one of my acoustic guitars in a while and when I went to play it the Amp would not respond. Anyone who has an older Taylor Acoustic /electric knows about the double stacked AA batteries. Well they were corroded so bad the entire unit had to be replaced by Paul who has worked on this guitar before and I knew it was going to come out like new and it did. Secondly I brought in two Stratocasters, one was just not quiet right, a tuning issue and some switch noise, but Paul gave it a meticulous going over and She is purring like she should. Lastly was our project. I say our, but it was his because he did all the work, I did all the waiting. The second Strat was an older 59 reissue that had a stripped tremolo block and I decided to have Paul, Gillmorize my Black Strat. Paul had a new Block custom made called a Callaham Block with a Callaham Gillmore short arm. He changed the white pick guard to a solid all black pick guard. Changed the 3-way switch to a 5-way switch. Now to the most Important part, Paul installed the Duncan SSL-5 Bridge pickup and the Fat 50's Neck and Middle pickups. This is now my favorite guitar! it growls! Paul Is a great craftsman and a real nice person to deal with. He never makes you feel stupid or afraid to ask questions. I have several of quality guitars and I only trust Paul to work on them. I know what I will get when I have to see him- Friendliness, knowledge, ability to solve the problem, and an agreeable fair price.


by Trey F

Paul set up my Gibson Les Paul perfectly! Do your guitar a favor and get it in to see Paul.

Paul - You Da Man!

by Don W

Paul is the acoustic repair guru ninja man. His attention to detail and sensitive expert consultations will help you to get the most potential out of your instrument. Highly recommend him and you won't be sorry working with him. Thanks Paul!

Fears relieved:)

by bill L

I have been a musician most of my life. Having someone work on one of my guitars is like dropping a child of to childcare for the first time. Will they respect and take care of my child?Within moments my apprehension completely vanished with Paul. Knowledgeable, pleasant and engaging. His experience with guitars is obvious. I'm very fortunate that I discovered Paul and Guitar Remedy.He is working on my 1956 Martin and I have complete confidence that I will love the results of his efforts.I have found the best guitar tech ever (and a new friend)Stop procrastinating make an appointment and get your guitar set up for maximum enjoyment!!!bill

You won't regret it!

by Ben V

Paul is fantastic. He's great at what he does and he's a great person to go with it. You won't regret bringing your instruments to Paul!

Great to work with

by Jason E

Paul does great work, very professional and friendly, would never take my Taylor to anyone else!

Paul does great work!

by Michael H

He does the work for both me and my guitar player. Does great work on bass and guitar.


by Rick C

SOOOOO glad to know Paul - he just brought another guitar back to life for us - absolutely AMAZING craftsman!!!!!


by Bojun Z

Nothing to say, he is really good!!!


by Michael B

I've come to a lot of luthiers and by far Paul is the best! Never have I met someone so down to earth and concerned about an instrument as you are. I brought in my 78' Gibson Graber bass in and he made many modifications and some I didn't even know about until I came in. He really inspects the whole instrument making sure everything is at %100. He has amazing deals and the best to work with! I'll be coming back again and again for Paul!

Great Service!!

by Joe R

I found the place and he was very welcoming! Greeted me by my name and then we just got down to business with my guitar. Paul was great! I left Ol' Betty in his care, but I know she's in good hands.


by Bud S

My first appointment was fantastic. Paul was so gracious and welcoming I felt like we have known each other for years. His advice was critical to getting me and my instrument on the right track. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks Paul!!

Number 1 Guitar Doctor

by Michael S

Paul is the man! I've been a customer for quite a while, and it shows that Paul loves what he does- it's hard to find someone with that kind of passion for their craft. He'll make you fall in love with your instrument all over again!

Kenny j

by Kenny G

Been taking my guitars to Paul for quite a few years now. As usual, Paul's work is top notch. His quality, workmanship and attention to detail are always impressive and highly appreciated. I never hesitate to recommend Guitar Remedy to all my peers knowing they will be as happy as I have been over the years. Thank you Paul!


by Kari H

Paul is extremely knowledgable and his integrity and skill in his craft set him apart as one of the best luthiers in the West Coast. I trust his opinions as well as his workmanship. I am grateful to have been referred to him years ago. I highly recommend him.

Awesome as always

by Shane M

Never disappointed with any work from Paul. Every guitar I give him plays like how I imagine in my head. I wouldn't go anywhere else

The Best!

by Lane A

Pickup conversion on my Strat. I knew Paul would do a great job, as always, turned out better than expected. Thanks again Paul for your attention to detail and great workmanship.

Paul is great!


I've been taking a variety of electric and acoustic guitars to Paul for years. His work and ideas on how to make my gear operate at a high level are much appreciated. I always feel more confident after getting my guitars back from Guitar Remedy!


by Matt F

First timer here. I took my bass in to repair a pickup installation that I botched. Paul is very down-to-earth and a genuinely nice individual. He also did a great job on the restoration, and got it done in a very short amount of time. Would definitely recommend him to any musician! I will be returning for any future repairs

Still The Guy!

by Kelly K

I've been having Paul work on my guitars since 200and he is currently working on my Axis Sport Music Man, which is the same guitar he installed a Roland pickup on some 13 years ago. He is a absolutely super guy and he is my first call whenever I have an issue with one of my guitars. It was a pleasure to see him again, and if you need any kind of work done on your guitars - you can trust he will take care of it! - Kelly

Still the man!

by Sunup H

It's been 6 years and counting since I started bringing my guitars to Paul and he is still amazing to work with. Latest project included final assembly and setup for a custom Telecaster build with noise cancelling system as well as a fret job 4 years later to bring the feel of that compound 7.25-9.5 radius neck to something closer to 7.25-12 radius neck from a different guitar. On both accounts (as well as some relatively minor jobs in between) Paul has absolutely nailed it. Thank you Paul!

Best luthier out there

by Blake O

Paul is the most down to earth guy you can meet, and to top it off, he'll make any guitar play like a dream! Wouldn't take my guitars to anyone else. His setups are impeccable, his repairs are top notch, and his prices are incredibly fair for how talented this guy is! Thanks Paul!

The Best in the Area!

by Ricky R

As a vintage collector there is no one else I would let repair my most prized pieces. The latest was a perfect repair and setup on a 1936 Martin D-28. Who else would I take that one to? Thanks Paul, see you soon.

The absolute best!

by Augustine S

Besides being the most competent man with guitar repair, you will also encounter the nicest person you will ever meet. He went out of his way to make sure I received by guitar back just in time for my gig as well as take care of additional issues on the guitar. If you take your guitar seriously, he's the right man to do the job!

Master Builder

by Travis G

So, I came to Paul with a vision to build 2 different partscaster guitars. 1 was a Jazzmaster build with a Bigsby and the other was a 72 custom tele with a Bigsby. I ordered all the parts I wanted for my dream guitars. Paul then was able to make these parts come to life using his unicorn mojo! I cannot even begin to express how incredibly talented Paul is! He was my Master Builder on these projects and I highly recommend you do the same!!!

Only Paul.....

by Van S

For years, I have taken maybe a dozen + guitars to Paul. Only he can set up my guitars like I like them. I've tried the quick cheap set up, and its ALWAYS a waste of money, as I have to take them to Paul anyway. I don't have to tell him how I want them. He already knows. If you're serious about your instrument and your playing, there is no need to extend the list of disappointments further. Just book with Paul....

Excellent service

by Alan R

I was very pleased with Paul's thoroughness and his professionalism. It doesn't hurt a bit that he keeps you completely informed about what he is doing, and deals honorably with his clientele. Furthermore his pricing is perfectly fair and reasonable. I can highly recommend him.


1 by tom w

Always a pleasure to talk to. Always great work on my instruments. Great that he is in OC.


by Larry I

Paul is great! Exceptionally skilled, experienced, AND friendly. Listens carefully, does great work, and gives great advice.

Very patient & knows his craft

by Joe K

If you want your guitar tuned up right, bring it to Paul. I personally drive about an hour to get to his shop because he's that good. I'm a repeat customer and I trust his opinion and advice. Highly recommended! Did a great job on my Breedlove this time with a setup, custom clear pick guard installation, and LR Baggs Anthem pickup install. Awesome!

Great Help

by Elaine M

Paul is friendly, professional, and works with you to get your instrument fixed. :-) I appreciate that!

Great insights and service

by Tim O

Have been going to Paul for years now, and always come away pleased, all my axes maintained in top condition. We are now looking at making some mods to my 40 year-old Tele Deluxe, one of my main axes, and there is no doubt we will get the sound I am looking for, with excellent craftsmanship. Guitar Remedy is a wonderful resource for any serious, performing guitarist - thanks, Paul.Tim O Irvine

Paul is one of a kind!!!

by marc b

Ive taken every guitar that me or any one of my friends have bought and paul has transformed each and every one of them. Hes the real deal, i dont take my stuff to anyone else!

Don't bother loooking anywhere else!

by Keith M

Paul has worked on all my guitars and has never, never dissapointed me. He is the Guitar Whisperer. Took my Tele in yesterday due to a funny noise, Paul fixed it on the spot and didn't charge me a dime. Stop looking for a guitar tech. Book an appointment online and rest assured your precious guitar will be in the right hands. Not only is he a great guitar tech, he's a super nice guy!


by DJ W

(This review is a duplicate of my review on yelp)In an effort to keep this review as brief as possible, I won't waste readers' time by parroting all the great things others have said about Paul, with Guitar Remedy. I will emphasize Paul's skill level and master craftsmanship. With regards to acoustic guitars, when Paul picks up any guitar, it's as though it becomes an extension of himself, of his being. Within minutes he can assess or evaluate your guitar. It's truly a pleasure to be able to still encounter and experience a true craftsman, an artisan at his trade.However, more importantly (from a personal perspective) is Paul's honesty, ethics and truthfulness. Those traits by themselves speak volumes about the quality of a top-level luthier (and musician) like Paul, or any business.I'm glad that I finally snapped out of my RVWS (Rip Van Winkle Syndrome!) and discovered Guitar Remedy.As hesitant as I typically am to recommend, refer or endorse services, vendors, etc. to others I can't recommend Paul at Guitar Remedy enough. Feel safe trusting your prized instrument to Paul. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


by Robert A

Paul is the absolute best in the biz and is amazing to work with. I have been taking my equipment to him for almost 15 years now and can always expect him to handle my guitars with the utmost care. Paul, you outdid yourself on my last set-up...I can't seem to put this guitar down! 6 STARS =)

Not only qualified, certified and legit as a luthier... But the best people to deal with as well.

by Devin S

I've been bringing my instruments to Paul and the gang for years. I respect other shops but I trust Guitar Remedy like a friend. They not only do excellent work, have vast knowledge and treat every person with love and value... But they also don't hesitate to encourage when not to do something that can wait until later. The value and money spent is worth every penny, dollar or whatever it costs. It's done right, in a timely fashion without fail.Devin

The best

by Paul H

I've brought all of my guitars to Paul for set up and repair, both acoustic and electric. Paul is the best. Years ago I'd purchased what I thought would be my dream acoustic (custom Roy Noble) but the playability and tone was a major disappointment, despite having taken it to other luthiers in Southern California. I thought I'd give it one last try with Paul. The guitar came back to me a different animal- it's a joy to play now and somehow--I don't know how he did it--but the adjustments Paul made opened up the tone and resonance of the guitar. Since then I've sold all my other acoustics. Thank you Paul.

Can't Wait

by Mary E

I brought my Gibson acoustic in to the shop to try to fix an annoying buzz. Not only did he know exactly what was causing the issue, he said that it may be covered under my warranty. I've taken my guitar in to two other local shops and they had no idea. I can't wait to get it back!

So Cool

by Teddy O

Paul was very helpful in what I needed done and I would recommend him to anyone in heartbeat, no doubt about it. He knows his stuff!!!!

Quick and easy

by John H

Paul is great, he really knows his stuff.

Move Over Anne Brancroft....THERE IS A NEW MIRACLE WORKER!!!

by Juan G

Paul is extraordinary in customer satisfaction and workmanship! After making my Telecaster & Taylor Acoustic play perfect, I bought a new Les Paul Trad Pro II. Didn't play in tune so I had the Guitar Center set it up....still didn't play in tune, sent it back a 2nd time...still didn't play in tune so I had them send it back and ordered a new Les Paul Trad Pro II. It also didn't play in tune, even after a set up and a repair job to fix intonation on the 2nd guitar. After GC agreed to order me a 3rd Les Paul to see if it might play in tune....I decided to send the 2nd Les Paul guitar to Paul. You guessed it...he worked a miracle, fixed the neck, saddle & bridge, lowered the action and it plays perfect!!! Paul is the only one I trust with my guitars. On behalf of the Wooden Nickel Band, thank you for making my guitars sound so good Paul! Rock on!!!

Even Pedal Boards!

by Bill S

Paul has set up my acoustic and electric guitars and now my pedal board. I'm new to pedals and wasn't sure where to start. Paul recommended some pedals and set up my board. He gave me some great insight as to how to start using the pedals and even demo'd it for me. When we found a good starting point for the pedal settings he took a picture of them for me so I could always go back to the starting point. I'm having a blast playing with these things. The board looks great! As much wiring as possible is neatly hidden underneath and I have plenty of room to add more pedals in the future. I can't say enough good things about Paul as a Luthier and a person. Make an appointment and go see him.

Words Won't Do It Justice

by Christian S

Paul has been working on my instruments for years. I knew Paul first as a musician and when I needed some work done on a guitar, he was recommended to me as one of the best. I thought, Hey! I know that guy. That was close to 20 years ago. I've never used anyone else since.People that have worked with Paul will tell you 2 things about him: he does extraordinary work and he is an extraordinary person. He does amazing setups, restorations, complete builds, everything. The work is done expertly, within a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable price. I can't believe how much better my instruments play after Paul has spent some time with them. I play better. Isn't that the point? His workmanship would be reason enough to use Paul but it doesn't stop there.Paul is a genuinely nice person. He cares about you, your instrument and your playing. It comes through in every conversation with him, in every transaction, in every encounter. You know he's doing his best (which is tremendous) to make you sound your best. I find him to be fair, courteous, helpful, provide guidance when you need it and patient. Quite simply, Paul is the only person I will work with. And I think that's a good description of what Paul really does: he works with you to get the sound, feel and playability you're looking for. You really should use him. Right now.

Luthier Extraordinaire!

by Arnel S

There's only one word to describe Paul...PHENOMENAL!!

Paul is awesome

by Shane M

I wouldn't take my guitars anywhere else. Quick turn around, does great work and a really nice guy.

Working with the BEST

by Jim M

You don't have the opportunity to work with the best very often. I think Paul is the best. He listens to want you want, his work is meticulous and perfection-driven, and when he's finished your guitar you can feel the work that has been done and feel the sound(s) you may have missed before. You won't regret taking your guitar to the best.

Perfect! Time & Time Again...

by Bill C

I think it's time for 6 Stars.

Title your review Awesome Service Every Time!!!

by Papa Joe M

I have been spreading the word since 1996! I only bring my guitars to Paul Stebner.

The Best

by George S

Got my D-28 retro back saturday and once again Paul has made playing my guitars a dream. There is no one on the planet who can do what he does to a guitar. I have taken numerous guitars to Paul over the years and the result is always the same. Fantasticgstillman

Taylor Ding (ugly gouge)

by Steve H

My guitar got knocked over left a nasty 1 1/4 inch long ding in the top. I tried to fix it or at least stop it from getting worse with some clear nail polish. Very bad idea! Paul worked his magic on it, first to fix my bad repair job then to fix it the right way. He's such a perfectionist. Now the top of my 15 year old 310-CE looks like new. Well almost. I cannot feel the ding and it's barely noticeable. Nice job once again Paul.

Incredible Guitar Tech

by Jason D

Paul is the best guitar tech I have ever encounter. He breathed life back into my Grandma's 1952 Gibson J-50 after three other techs had tried and failed. This man is honest, hard working and has a great heart. I can not recommend Guitar Remedy high enough.

They need to allow 6 star reviews!

by Geoffrey A

Paul is that good. Sometimes I feel compelled to mishandle my guitars just so I can have Paul make them better. He is also just a great guy and fun to talk to.

They need to allow 6 star reviews!

by Geoffrey A

Paul is that good. Sometimes I feel compelled to mishandle my guitars just so I can have Paul make them better. He is also just a great guy and fun to talk to.

Class Act!!!

by Arturo E

Paul, has repaired, refretted and loved on many of my Taylor Guitars. He went way beyond my expectations. You can trust your treasured guitar with Paul. Were blessed to have him in Orange County. Arturo (ministry founder)

Great Job!

by Greg P

Paul quoted a very reasonable price for repairing my inexpensive Alverez. It sounds like a different guitar. The sound is much brighter. Thanks Paul I'll be back the next time I need a repair or set up.

Exceptional Luthier

by Bill S

Paul's work is awesome! I bought a brand new Taylor custom acoustic guitar and struggled with it. It just wasn't comfortable to play. I took it to Paul and when I got it back, there was a night and day difference. I love playing this thing now. Paul even got some of the work covered by Taylor's factory warranty. Paul has since worked on some of my other guitars (acoustic and electric). I've been nothing but pleased with everything he's done. Paul did a set up on my black Gibson ES-339 and I asked him if he could buff out the tired looking finish. When I got it back it played better than ever and looked like new. I also asked Paul to convert my Taylor GS-Mini to a Nashville tuned guitar, this little thing sounds amazing! Paul's reception area and workbench are clean and organized. When you talk with him, he's very personable, he's very knowledgeable and you can tell he has a genuine love for his craft. It made me feel very comfortable that my guitars would be well cared for and in good hands.If you�re in need of a great Luthier, look no further! Thank you Paul!

Exceptional Service

by Joseph T

Paul was fantastic. Provided a great deal of education, very patient and provided on-point recommendations amps and how to best optimize the use the guitar (taylor t5z). Thanks Paul your the best

True Professional

by Larry Q

I've been going to Paul since 2009. He's worked on 4 of my guitars including my Taylor 814CE. His knowledge and professionalism is second to none. He was recommended to me by Taylor Guitars and I've taken my 2 Strats and a Gibson Les Paul for Set Ups and he's done an excellent job on each and every one of them. I'll continue to go to Paul for all my repair needs and I have recommended friends to him as well. I have to drive 20 miles out of my way to go to him but it's well worth it because I know I'll always get good quality work from him...Paul is the best technician I've ever taken my instruments to...

Always the best service

by Paul B

Paul is the best at what he does. He is honest, up front and gets the work done in a timely manner. I am a customer for life and always refer people to him when they have guitar tune up or repair needs.

Awesome Work Every Time

by Rodrigo N

I have trusted Paul with my Taylor for years. Always come back. Awesome work!


by Rory M

Paul is the bomb! He pays attention to detail, to what you want out of your instrument, and gets you the desired outcome. He is a true luthier, and is better than any of the so called luthiers in the OC area. He treats you like your a professional musician, and treats your instrument like its golden!!! Will not go anywhere else!

Great guy great work

by Stewart K

Paul did a fantastic job, very professional, excellent service ...I was surprised that he remembered the work he last did for me several years ago and used that info to tailor the setup he did for me this last time. Such attention to detail is so rare to find in any field... and he's a cool dude on top of that.

Best I've ever been to

by Dylan W

Professional timely attentive clean. I've taken my basses to many shops and Guitar Remedy is simply the best.


by Jim M

This is the FIRST shop I've ever felt completely comfortable in. Meeting Paul and getting a glimpse of his knowledge is memorable. I'm so glad I took one reviewer's advice -- stop reading reviews and book an appointment.

Best of the best!

by Robert B

I've been going to Paul since 199always does amazing work. I wouldn't trust my guitars with anyone else.

Great guy, great repair

by Chin Y

Paul is just an all around great guy and an amazing guitar repair dude. I brought in my Martin acoustic for a big crack repair to the body and I must say, it now sounds and plays better than when I first got it! Is that even possible?? With Paul it is! And I'm super happy!

Stop reading this and go set up an appointment

by Christopher B

And you should do it right now. That's the best advice I can give you...

Doesn't get any better...

by Dean R

It's rare when you pay good money for work and kinda feel like it wasn't enough!Paul re-fretted my 82 Les Paul Custom, including a new nut and bridge. The work is impeccable and I honestly don't think anyone could do a better job. Paul is a true master of his craft...!

Awesome Job !

by Lane A

Based on the recommendation from a friend, I brought my Gibson LP into Paul to fix a tuning issue. Paul quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced the nut on the guitar, it now plays beautifully and stays in tune. Paul also performed a complete set-up, the action and tone are perfect. Excellent customer service and craftsmanship. I would highly recommend Guitar Remedy to anyone seeking to get the best out of their instrument.

Excellent as always!!

May 1 by Corky B

I dropped off my guitar yesterday and know Paul will do as always, excellent!

Hi Hopes

by Chris G

Paul was referred to me by a friend who had his guitar tweaked, and sang his praises. I brought my guitar there to get it tweaked, and am excited to get it back. I feel confident that Paul will do an excellent job.

First class work every time

by Anthony B

Time and time again, Paul makes my guitar(s) feel, look, and sound great. Don't even think twice on who to use for your instrumental care--nobody is going to match his work. Cheers!!

Always satisfied !

by Julie F

I have been playing guitar for a few years now. I found out about Paul in the Taylor Guitars website for an authorized Taylor repair tech. I have taken several of my acoustic and electric guitars to him for repairs and other jobs needed. And I have to say that I've always been very satisfied with the quality of his work. I also enjoy meeting with him. I always feel very confident taking my guitars to him, I feel that they are in good hands. He knows his craft very well. I'm so glad that I found Paul, he's a great guitar technician. .

A Pleasure!

by Lou L

Every time I send a guitar to Paul, I get excited to get it back like it's a new one! I have been taking my instruments and referring my friends and students to him for years. Can' say enough about his character. What an honest and great guy!


by Jeffrey B

The son of my girlfriend had been giving a guitar that wouldn't stay tuned to I went by to show him what's up. I discovered the bridge saddle had come unglued. Took it back to place of purchase (Guitar Center) and got treated like dirt. I went directly to Fender and asked for their help. They sent us to Paul. He treated us like royalty and even got the guitar replaced under factory warranty. Either way it's rare to get treated with genuine care these days and Paul is the man! I will take my other guitar needs to him from now on.

Complete Perfection

by travis g

Paul is phenomenal for a few reasons: 1) he cares about you as a person, he has great relational skills and loves to talk gear and about life and 2) he is an artist when it comes to repairing and bringing your gear back to life! I will never go anywhere else ever again! Thanks Paul!

Love it!

by Trent C

Great service. Very personal and friendly. Great business!

Paul is one of a kind! 10 Stars

by Kirk W

As always, Paul makes me feel, like a friend. We discuss my guitars, he guides and educates me as to the best decisions. He is a consummate talented technician and knows guitars from an aesthetic as well as practical reference. He is your guitars best friend, and yours too. Thanks Paul.

This is what I've been missing!

by Shad W

So, I've been playing about 20 years now... Had a LOT of guitars over those years and have generally set them up myself. If you'd have asked me about the playability, I've had said that they played really well. I recently bought a Gretsch 6120 and probably wouldn't have brought it to Paul if I hadn't needed the bridge pinned, which I didn't want to attempt. On a recommendation from a friend, I brought it to Paul. I was taken back by how great our first meeting was. He actually schedules an appointment to meet with you! Really cool.... You're not just dropping your guitar off with some guy behind the counter of the local music shop and hoping for the best. Paul is super cool, very friendly and uber knowledgable! So I left my guitar with him, confident that the job would be done right. He kept me super informed along the way and actually sent me an email when the job was done! Very professional. Okay, so the best part of the whole experience was the finished product! I've honestly NEVER had a guitar with a better setup than this! If you think you do a decent job setting up your own guitars (as I did..) you owe it to yourself to have Paul show you just how great your guitar can actually play after he sets it up! I cant stress this enough! You'll be amazed at the playability of your instrument after this guy spends a couple days with it! I drove an hour and a half to have him work on my guitar and I'll be making the drive to see him with every guitar I acquire from here on out! If you're looking for the right guy, stop looking and book an appointment!

Couldn't ask for more!

by Mark S

I was looking for a guy to perform a basic set up on my Les Paul. I didn't expect to find such a skilled technician so passionate about guitars and music. Paul was genuinely interested in exceeding my expectations and being a valued resource in my quest to play better music and achieve the tones I find so enamoring. After I got my guitar home and began to play - WHOA! I really didn't know what I was missing before I met Paul! My instrument is easier to play, sounds better and stays in tune without any effort! It's refreshing to find someone that loves what they do and is so willing to help in any way he can to share that passion. Thanks Paul! I'm looking forward to my next acquisition and allowing you to work your magic!

A true pro

by Steven I

Polite and knowledgeable. I am very happy to have found Paul. I will be using Him for years to come for all of my most cherished guitars. Have no reservations with letting him work on your guitar.

Very Happy

by Kev C

Paul is always very helpful and thorough. I had a setup on a used guitar and it was totally worth it. It plays better than I would have imagined.

Always Superb!

by Wade S

A true expert at his craft. Paul handles each guitar in a holistic manner. No two guitars are the same, and he will service your guitar based on the unique properties of that particular instrument. Paul also listens to the customer, which is nothing to be taken for granted. Highly recommended.

Stoked to find Paul

by Jesse B

I went to Paul to look at a guitar he had on Craigslist. I liked it, but it needed a couple of tweaks to be perfect for me. Paul did it right there in the time it took for me to run out and grab a bite to eat. After meeting Paul, who is just a real clear light of a guy, and reading what others have said about his work, I will be bringing him my precious hollow-body soon for pickup replacement and tune up. I know it will get done right. By the way, the Strat I bought from Paul is a dream to play, sounds insane and I an beyond happy with it, I'm thrilled.


by Neil W

Paul repaired 2 cracks, a fret dress, and straightened my neck, and cleaned everything. The guitar sounds and plays better than new! pure awesomeness! I live in Riverside and he's about an hour drive, but it's totally worth the drive, don't go to some random luthier near your neighborhood, but take it to Paul. Even if I lived 300 miles away from him I would still take it to him.

great work... again

by dax p

Paul got my persnickety squier vm jag playing and sounding greatEvery time I leave Guitar Remedy I have a fine instrument in my hands

My Guitars Play Better than New!

by Greg R

After more than 10 years of almost daily playing, my Taylor LKSM-6 and LKSM-12 were overdue for some fret replacements and action adjustments. Paul did a beautiful job of replacing the worn frets. He dressed, leveled, crowned and polished the frets to perfection. He also adjusted the nut, saddle, and fine-tuned the intonation for maximum performance and playability. Both guitars play better now than they did when they were new! He even did some repair work on some small scratches on the 12-string. Paul is meticulous and very fussy about getting everything right. Just the kind of guy I want working on my guitars! His knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and professionalism made it a pleasure to do business with him. If you are fussy about your guitars, and will trust them to only the most qualified and experienced hands, bring them to Paul.

Nice and fast

by Mike T

I've had to have my Taylor 416ce adjusted a couple of times and Paul always takes care of it quickly and it always includes pleasant conversation. I'm looking forward to getting my Guild D45N back with the new anthem pick up. He is even adjusting a Mountain Lark I got from Tennessee from my sister. (Think dulcimer meets mandolin with 3 strings.) He has an amazing gift for repair and understanding what is needed to make your guitar sound great.

Get the most out of your guitar.

by Justin S

Paul has worked on my guitars for about 20 years now. Through the years, I've visited him countless times and brought him around 25 different guitars (maybe more). I play a wide variety of music and own and have owned numerous guitars to help achieve the tones I crave. Rock, jazz, blues, funk, country, folk, metal, etc. I've got guitars for it. Bolt-ons, set necks, neck throughs, solid bodies, semi hollows, hollow bodies, and acoustics. I've got 'em. And he's worked on every single one. Through the years, I've used just about every service Paul provides. I don't take my guitars to Paul just because I want him to do a setup or install new pickups or etc. I take my guitars to Paul because I want to get the most out of my guitars. I take them to him because he takes good guitars and makes them outstanding guitars. That's a rare gift. And I value his expertise. In every job that Paul has done for me (no matter how big or small), he has always acted courteous and professional. He takes the time to really listen to you and understand what you're after. And I feel that he values me not just for my business but as a human being. That really comes through in his work and I've never felt dissatisfied. I've been taking my guitars to Paul for 20 years now and I'm going to keep taking them to him because he provides the kind of service you just don't get anywhere else. Thanks for everything Paul.

Rickenbacker 330 12 String

by Luis R

What can I say?? Paul has done it again!! Paul has setup 3 guitars for me to perfection in the past.I brought him my Ric 330 12 string which was very uncomfortable to play. Open E and C chords were very difficult to play cleanly. Paul explained his game plan. When I picked up the guitar I was amazed at how good it felt and how easy it was to play. Paul sure knows guitars. He's one of the nicest persons you will ever meet. Thanks Paul, this guitar is a keeper.

Always strong work

by Branden P

I think Paul reads my mind somehow. He just knows exactly what I want from my guitar without me having to explain it much. Knowledgeable and quick, he'll take care of your baby.

Guitar Set-Up

by Corky b

As always, Paul just keeps providing the ultimate in service, and craftmanship. Thank you for doing such a great job on all my guitars for many years now. Corky Burnett

Ready, Set,, Record

by Jenna M

Paul is helping me get started with some voice recording and is patient, encouraging and enthusiastic as I speak and respeak line after line. I can't wait for the next session! Thanks to the man of many talents!

He did it again!

by Kurt H

Awesome job of setting up my new flying V. Plays like a dream and looks great!

Simply the Best!

by Doug M

Paul is the best Luthier and technician in SoCal. I trust him to work on all my guitars and instruments. I recently had him perform a PRS factory modification which he performed quickly and perfectly to my satisfaction. The switches and pots that he uses are top quality. Paul pays attention to the smallest details and ensures that what you want done is exactly what you get done. I got everything I wanted plus more. Paul is a wonderful person whom I've known now for over 15 years. There is no reason to take an instrument that needs repair to anyone else. Paul is simply the Best!

Excellent Standard of Service

by Rene S

I've been bringing my guitars to Paul Stebner for 15 years. That, is a long time. I brought my Taylor in again for a needed tuneup yesterday. Same no-nonsense policy of giving the best, thoughtful, trustworthy service and price. And like the other reviews say, yes, my guitar sounds even better, and I get good tips on how to keep it that way. Thanks Paul. Folks, give Guitar Remedy a try and you'll see.


by Clint T

I took my Gretsch G6192 to Paul for some repair work and I couldn't be happier. Paul is a great guy to work with and after only being with him for a few minutes I felt like I'd known him for years and felt as though I was talking with an old friend. I will definitely send all my friends to him!

The only Guy I trust with my Guitars!!

by Ramon I

Paul is a true artist at what he does...I have sent my guitars to him for 15 years and I am never disappointed. I appreciate his craft and him as a person..great to work with. Every friend I send to him has the same experience and becomes a customer for life as well...Ramon


1 by Rob C

Paul did a great job with my Taylor and Yamaha acoustics. Both guitars play better than they ever have . Amazing. I would highly recommend Guitar Remedy to anybody that cares about their instruments.

Saved the day

by Dan A

I thought I was going to have to return my vintage Supro but, Paul fixed the string buzz on it and clean out the electronics. Now it sounds great! I will be taking my guitars to him from now on.

Always Happy

by Cass C

Paul has setup several guitars for me. I'm always pleased with the results. He's extremely professional, and consistently does excellent work. I won't go any where else.


by Kurt H

The price was great, the work was flawless, and the professionalism was outstanding. Plus, Paul is the kind of guy you feel like you've known all your life after one meeting. I would trust him with all of my instruments.

Outstanding profesional

by Bruce F

Bruce F says: Paul is a consummate artisan. He has worked on many of my guitars in the past. I have a guitar I built myself that's about 30 yrs old. It was beginning to look haggard and worn. He fixed the cracks and spruced it up and now it plays good as new. His prices were fair and I was overjoyed with the new lease on life he gave my Gypsy Queen. I totally recommend this craftsman's service. If you've got a problem or even if you just need a tune up he's your man!!

Best Guy Out There!

by Arne V

I have had Paul setup all my guitars. He knows just how a like them and always does a perfect job. The last one I took in didn't need anything done to it, he was honest enough to tell me the truth and did not make any unnecessary adjustments.

The best

by Michael M

Paul is the best musical craftsman I have ever met. He made my vintage Kay the best it has ever been. If you need any help with any instrument I encourage you to bring it in.

Wonderful service!

by Deni C

Paul is a knowlegable, customer-oriented professional. One of the best experiences with a service professional EVER. Quality work, fair prices, on time, and exceptionally focused on doing things right and communicating with the customer all along the way. No need to look any futher.....this is the right place for guitar repairs and service.

Guitar Remedy to the Rescue

by Roger W

Once again, Paul, you have been just the medicine the doctor ordered.My GS Mini is better than ever, the crack that was there is no more to be seen,and it was a pleasure to visit with you. God bless you and prosperyour business. In His peace,Roger Walck


by Marlon C

Paul did an amazing job on my Dave Murray Strat.. Will definitely come back!

1st time

by Adam P

Just dropped my Gibson Hummingbird off with Paul yesterday, I know it's in great hands. From the feel and vibe of his shop to his easy-going's clear to see he is the only one to go to for repairs.

For Years Now...

by Corky B

As usual, Paul has gone the extra mile to make sure all of my concerns have been accounted for...Thank you!! Can't wait to play that first chord on my Strat!

The Man With The Master Plan

by Malcolm B

Paul was really helpful and understanding of my budget and time. He ended up suggesting i do it myself and have him oversee my progress, so i have been going back and fourth with him for the past week. thanks Paul.

consciencious and caring

by Carri F

I brought my 1976 Martin D-41 to Paul in need of some major work. He really put the needed time into caring for every detail. His expertise became evident as he explained the technical side of repairs needed. He also goes the second mile to re-examine my guitar weeks later (after having a humidification pack in my case) to re-tweak the action if necessary.. I trust this man! Thank you Paul.

Knowledge + Experience + Great service = Highly recommended!

by Jasper C

This is my second time I've had my Taylor GS8e worked on by Paul - very pleased again with the work! I've had the ES upgraded to v.3 and a lot of major adjustments done which made the guitar play and sound better. This time I went in again just for some minor adjustments and some advice - it's always a pleasure working with Paul because he's so friendly and helpful. My friend also had a badly damaged Taylor 714ce that Paul basically restored to an almost flawless condition. Again, couldn't recommend him more!

The absolute best in the business!!

by Chris C

Paul sold me my first custom Jackson guitar when I was just out of highschool. He worked at a small music shop in Mission Viejo at the time which is no longer there, nor can I remember the name. Paul inspected and set up the guitar for me back then and it played like a dream. A few years after that, he sold me my second custom Jackson while he was working at Guitar Center in Santa Ana. Same scenario as the previous guitar. I am 41 years old now, and I still have both Jacksons that Paul sold me. Needless to say, Paul is the only person I will allow to service them and they still play as if they were brand new thanks to his meticulous work. Paul is a rare individual in that he actually cares for each individual customer and their guitar as if they were his closest family member. Anytime I have a friend who needs guitar repair done, I send them to Paul. There isn't a single person out there who comes close to the service and close personal attention that Paul provides. Paul will always have my business first. If I were to ever leave the state, or even the country for that matter, I would ship my guitars to him for service. Thanks a million, Paul!!!

Sweet Big Baby

by Brenda M

My Taylor Big Baby had not been used in quite a while, the sound was a bit off. At Namm I asked the Taylor people what I should do and they of course recommended me to visit Paul to have a look at it. And now I really do have a SWEET BIG BABY! Thanks Paul.And he is a beautiful person also!

The easiest experience

by Mike T

The is no reason to take your guitars anywhere else in the OC. Had my Taylor electronics worked on and was done in less than 30 minutes. Paul provided some great insight on other guitar related items and he will get my business as long as I can play a guitar. Thanks again Paul.


by Bill C

Just picked up my 46 year old 1967 GUILD Starfire 2 Bass. Paul returned it to its former glory. Plays like a dream, Thank you. This is the 6th guitar he's worked on for me. Perfection every time. He loves what he does and it shows. Doesn't get better than that!

Honest and Fair

by Mike L

I took my Taylor acoustic in for a complete setup. Paul picked it up, played it and told me all I needed was a neck adjustment. Had everything done in 10 minutes. Saved me money by not charging me for something I didn't need. My Taylor sounds and plays great now!Thanks Paul,Mike L.

Incredible Fretwork

by Joel S

I just got back my 335 that Paul re- fretted. Played it at my usual Friday night jam session and it was like having an out of body experience. Pure inspiration that is seldom available from a mere instrument. Paul's fretwork is so detailed and perfect that it can transform an ordinary off the rack Gibson into better than a custom shop model. Joel


by Erik J

I've been taking my guitars to Paul for years. From major damage repair to simple setup, he has always been completely thorough and extremely attentive to detail. He is professional and runs a clean, organized shop. He's my personal favorite and I always recommend him to anyone looking to get work done on their instrument.


by Gary B

Paul has always been at the top of his game, he has and continues to work on all of my instruments ! Once Paul gets it dialed into your liking, there comes the realization that your guitar has finally seen its real potential. The residue of that is, you then realize the full expression of your art !

The real deal!

by Rick R

Paul is amazing... he's improved every instrument I've taken to him. He has great attention to detail, is pleasant to work with, and really knows his stuff!

if you really care about your guitars...

by jake l

if you want your guitars to play like butter, you take it to paul. he's been servicing my guitars and my friend's guitars for over 15 years now(more than 25 guitars), and i've never been disappointed. whether you're headstock is broken off or for modification, he'll do an excellent job and more. after the service, when you open up your guitar case, you'll see, feel, and hear your guitar in a different way. almost feels like a new instrument. and he's genuinely a nice guy and professional, which is pretty rare nowadays. i can not picture myself taking my guitars to anybody else.

Excellent work!

by Micah G

This is my first time taking my guitar to Paul, but it won't be my last. He exceeded all expectations and breathed new life into my Les Paul!


by Estevan V

Amazing work done on my Taylor guitar. Quick turn around time, and awesome service. And what a great guy! Hands down best service I've ever had anywhere!

Paul is the man!!!

by Tony T

A master at his craft and patient with us not so with it guys!!!!Thanks Paul!!

Great work, 5 stars means Perfect and nobodys perfect but Paul is the closest you will get

by Matt G

I have been going to Guitar Remedy since 1995 and now Paul is my only go to guy for my guitar needs. Very relaxed shop ,very modern and personal. His prices are great and his work is great.In the music world of selling or repairing guitars there is alot of ego and attitude. You wont get that with Paul, very professional and polite.Matt G.

You don't know what you are missing!!!

by Andy L

Just got my Gibson ES-135 setup by Paul at the Guitar Remedy in Tustin - he is some kind of genius, my guitar now plays better than I ever imagined it could!! Prior to this I had considered selling my 135. But that thought has now been laid to rest :-)If you are a So-Cal strummer, you don't know what you're missing with your instruments until you've had a setup by Paul - hit him up, he is the best!!

Great, as usual!

by Doug F

This is the third time I've taken a guitar to Paul. He is the only person I'll trust to work on my guitars. The work was done exactly as promised in a timely manner. I enjoyed just chatting with him and he always makes the time spent there an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended!!

The Consumate Grand Master of Guitar Repair

by Kirk W

Paul is you and your guitars best friend. He embodies trust as you hand him your guitar. He made me feel like I knew him forever, such a beautiful soul, wish more bushiness were operated with the same genuine caring that Paul demonstrates. Thank you so much Paul, I look forward to my next visit.


by Mike G

I had purchased a brand new left-handed Koa Taylor which was shipped from a dealer out towards the East coast. Unfortunately the internal grounding fuse was blown on arrival. It is hard-wired and can only be changed by an authorized Taylor service center. Paul is the only one in the Los Angeles area. He allowed me to bring the guitar to him at very short notice and he replaced the blown fuse on the spot. I truly appreciate it when someone is meticulous about their work, and I could tell from watching Paul that he truly cares about his craftsmanship. Excellent. Highly recommended.Mike G.

Will be back!!

by Sara M

I am a new guitar player and was anxious and a little intimidated to take my guitar in to be fixed. Paul was super easy going, friendly, honest, extremely knowledgeable yet humble, thorough in his work and really cared. My guitar sounds great again! I am referring everyone to him and I definitely will be back.

Customer for life!

by James F

I was referred to Paul through a friend who's advice I really trust. My friend explained to me that he had taken his Taylor to Paul for some repair work, and that Paul really went above and beyond for a very reasonable price. My Martin had a crack in the body that I inherited from the previous owner. I decided it was time to spend the money to get it fixed before it got any worse. From start to finish, I couldn't be any happier with my experience with Paul. He not only repaired the crack, making the area of the crack like new, but he also took the time to fix other problem area of the guitar. He handed me back what felt like a brand new guitar, clean as the day it was made. I can't believe how much better it sounds from the fine tuning he did. I will never take my guitar anywhere else.

Friend first, business second

by Gene D

I found Paul through a referral at GC. I figure if GC employees are referring him, must be good.Several years ago I walked into Paul's shop and I wanted to find out for myself how the business was like. I explained that I was just getting into playing guitars and heard that I should have them setup. Not knowing what this was, I asked Paul. Paul treated me like a friend that he's known for years. His explanation was very thorough and even let me stay and watch him work while he explained. His explanation was very good and it made sense for me to get a setup. So I brought it 4 guitars for him to setup. Wow! What a difference having them setup made. I keep referring people to him because he treated me as a friend and not just another customer. His work is top notch and the frendly service can't be beat. Years later I purchased some consignment items from Paul and got them home to find a problem. I explained what it was and Paul offered to return my money no questions. I wanted to even have Paul fix it but he said that he would just return my money. I trust Paul so I just returned it. I was so impressed. Paul will always have my business.Thanks Paul, you're the best.Gene D.

The Best!

1 by Lisa L

I had a dog sitter who took care of my dearly departed canine companion who I trusted and let her be the expert in her care. Well...Paul is like that for my guitars. Good person, and good heart. In business it doesn't get better than that.


by Tim R

Unfortunately, life teaches us to expect mediocracy, in the service industries, and less in the government. Paul's dedication & talent is like an oasis. He sees the big picture, as well as the smallest detail- then executes flawlessly. I know enough about fretted instruments to usually get by, and other times massively screww things up, particularly after a layoff.Paul to the rescue!


by Stacy B

Paul helped make me the coolest girlfriend ever! My boyfriend dropped Sally Mae, aka his first acoustic guitar. While he thought she was a goner, I hoped someone would be able to revive her. So for his birthday I sought out a repair man to fix his baby as a surprise present. After contacting several different people, I found Paul. While everyone else told me the guitar wasn't worth the fix and I should just buy him a new one, Paul understood the sentimental value behind the guitar. He quoted me a very reasonable price and provided top notch service. He was constantly updating me on the process via email and also worked with me to get the guitar done before my boyfriend's birthday. I picked up the guitar this evening and it looks better than I would have ever expected. He even went above and beyond, polishing up the guitar and adjusting the neck! We'll definitely be taking our instruments to him in the future. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.

Doesn't Get Any Better

by Roscoe W

Paul did an amazing job! He figured out what was wrong and got me up and running again extremely fast. The prices of his services are incomparable. R. Woody

Great Human Being!

by Rod O

Paul is not only very knowledgeable with stringed instruments and a talented craftsman, but he is just an all around great human being. The best of all worlds working with Paul.

This is the place to go!

by Drew P

I have been taking my guitars to Paul for 18 years. Once I saw his craftsmanship and attention to detail, I have never thought of going to anyone else with my instruments. One of the best things about Paul is that he treats every customer the same whether they just learned their first chord or they are a touring professional. If you are looking to take your guitar/bass to someone who does impeccable work and who listens to the needs of their customers... go to GUITAR REMEDY!

Larry Q.

by Larry Q

Paul is awsome...he's very knowlegeable, polite, and professional. He did a great job on my Taylor and I'm impressed by the quality of his work. He was done with it in two days. I definitely will return to him to work on all of my guitars even though there are other repair shops closer to me. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants there instruments done right...good job Paul !!!

Master Craftsman!

by mike c

I was referred to Paul many years ago when I was looking for someone to repair a crashed side bout on a high end, master built Yamaha acoustic. It was badly splintered and I was sure there was nothing to be done about it. A lost cause... the structural repairs were flawless beyond my expectation. Re-finishing the repaired area would have required re-finishing the entire guitar due to materials compatibility so we opted not to invest more money. The repaired area looked only like a dulled area in the finish and there was absolutely NO witness of the previous damage! Since then Paul has re-fretted my Gretsch 61'64 Strat and '69 Les Paul Custom with jumbo frets and is currently re-fretting and repairing my '59 Les Paul TV Special. I'll do some of my own basic work but my prized gear all goes to the professional that Paul is for the 'serious' stuff! Mike C.

Great service

by Mike T

I brought in my Taylor 416ce for a minor adjustment. The work was done quickly and the conversation was excellent with all my questions answered. I will be going back with some other guitars and will recommend all my guitar friends go here.

The One!!!

by Arnel S

I must admit I don't rely so much on reviews anymore due to a bad experience. Often I see a lot of reviews which in the end is all but exaggerated and totally misleading and having read regarding Paul, I have to meet the man myself. After a brief discussion including the adjustments Paul did to my Taylor, I must say I am totally blown away! Paul's honesty and professionalism, attitude and character is topnotch! The service is first rate and my Taylor sounded the never before. My thanks to you Paul, for your time and for sharing your wisdom with me. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you again!!

The Absolute Best in the Business

by Worth H

I've been working with Paul for 12 years, and will not even consider taking my guitars anywhere else. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are extraordinary, and he takes the time to listen to my requirements, asks me what kind of sound and feel I'm looking for, and is really good about explaining what he did and why. He's also been a great resource for amp and effects questions, and even took the time to A/B some various amp cabinets to help me find a sound I liked as part of a referral to the Amp Clinic. Over the years, he has repaired a badly cracked Taylor acoustic so well that you have to knonw where to look to see any trace of a crack, found and repaired loose bracng in another Taylor after I brought it in becuase it didn't seem as loud as before, made an inexpensive Mexican P-Bass sound and play great, as well as two strats play better than new, and a Gretsch Nashville play like butter AND stay in tune, even when using the Bigsby. The intonation is always perfect on each instrument, and the setup and string gauges and heights are specificialy dialed in to suite my own playing style. Plus, every instrument seems to come back shinier and newer looking than when i went in. I'm proud to be one of Paul's clients and to consider him a friend as well.

OC's Finest

by Eric C

Paul is THE MAN!! Talk about attention to detail! I won't take my instruments anywhere else. Every guitar I have brought his way has left his shop 10x better than before. My stratocasters play like dreams, My Martin OM (Like a child to me) has been meticulously cared for and improved... even when I thought it wasn't possible. Bottom Line... GO TO PAUL. Better Call Paul. You won't regret it.

AAA Luthier.....

by Glyn N

I have owned at least 50 guitars and Paul has done amazing work on every one of them. He always takes time to make sure everything is done to perfection.Great work Paul, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my collection.


by Kerry Y

Paul is fab. (For all you Beatles Fans).Kerry

Six stars

by Teng Z

Paul is awesome, and very friendly and professional. He did a amazing job on my guitar. That's the the playability I was looking for. He fixed the damage disappear, just like a brand new guitar. Right now i'm so happy with my Taylor 814CE. Thank you Paul!

Very informative

by Darcy J

This is the second time I have brought my guitar to Paul, and both times I have walked away with new and useful information, as well as a totally repaired instrument. Great place!!

Paul will make you a better player..

by Brian W

His set-ups and overall solid work will make your guitar feel like your on a World Tour. Took both my Electric & Acoustic in for their yearly tune-up, cleaning, etc. They just feel better once he's done his thing. Extremely reasonably priced for the quality of work you get from Paul. No reason to go anywhere else!

Best setup I have had

by greg w

Paul setup a Martin Bass for me that was in bad shape straight from the factory - It is the best setup I have ever had on any of my basses. I have 2 Fenders, a Rickenbacker and an Alembic coming his way next. You can't go wrong with this guy. I have 100% confidence in his abilities.

Awesome work!!!

by Stew K

Paul routed the body of my G & L to install dc p/u's in neck and bridge and new sc in mid-position, also corrected some fret buzz, did a fantastic job with it!!! Quote for the job was very reasonable, completed it quickly, and is a really great guy to work with. Would recommend him in a heartbeat!!

Larry says:

by Larry S

Best place to take your guitar for tune-ups, adjustments, repairs, etc. Paul recently repaired a very old antique guitar of mine (Silvertone by Sears) and got it working like new. It doesn't appear new at all, but very used as he and I agreed to keep it in that old minted shape. I bought it in the summer of 1960 for $25.00 through Sears and Robuck's catalogue. I played it for a couple years making extra spending money as a kid in high school. Now that it is working again, it sure brings back memories of my original band (Dad, my brother Bob, and Neighbor Ted).They've all passed, but their memories can be brought alive each time I play my Silvertone.Thanks to Paul, I will play this at our family reunion coming up in a few weeks.Wonder how many will rmember my Silvertone?Larry StockGarden Grove, CA

I have looked for years for a tech like this

by greg w

I have tried several techs over the 35 years I have been playing and have never felt that they knew anymore than I do so I have done all my own setups and repairs. I can handle any electronic repair and can do a pretty good job with standard setups but I can't solve major issues.I recently purchased a new Martin bass from a shop in Tennesee - It was so badly setup it was not playable. So I dreaded having to fine someone to fix it. I had another Martin bass that just need the action set and took it to a shop that only sells and services acoustic guitars - I had to fill the nut myself when I got the bass back. I was apprehensive about trying another new tech for my new Martin but after the consultation with Paul I was totally convinced this guy was the real deal.I feel very lucky to have stumbled onto him - If my Martin plays as well as I suspect it will then I've got 4 very high end electric basses coming his way next.

Professional and Courteous!!!

by Susan M

Thank you very much Paul for your consultation with me. Altho I know very little about guitars and the depth of the issue we are looking at, you treated me very courteously and I did not feel like I was being fed a line of baloney so you could make a buck... straight and to the point, the quote was fair in my opinion, and you seem very confident in your assessment. Again, thank you for your professionalism... As a woman, my faith in men is further restored )

My New Guitar Doctor!

by mark P

I've never had my axe set up so well. Night and day difference!! He will be getting all my business.Thanks Paul.

2= Taylor's and a Matin

by Joe S

Gutars are at the best they can be, and Paul likes my vintage VW's


by Jon G

Paul is great! I have taken my stuff to him before and has done wonders to my instruments. I just took my taylor in yesterday to get taken care of...can't wait to hear what it sounds like next week!

The top of the food chain

by Devin S

No better place to feel welcomed, family and a truly cared for person. This is not a shop that is trying to get a ton of work and use your money to gain. They love what they do, only do what's necessary and work around your schedule if need be.Even if it's a drive or a hardship to get over there, you gotta find a way. Your instrument will sing, your experience will be grand and you find a truly humble master luthier.


1 by Jordan C

well I was quite impressed as I walked in, everything seemed to be kept very clean and organized. It was easy to figure out the problem with my guitar, which meant an experienced worker. Paul was a easy going guy which also made it nice. we had no problems getting stuff done and didn't �waste time on other things. After taking my guitar around to other shops to be worked on, I'm glad I stopped by Guitar Remedy. I would defiantly recommend it to others.�Jordan Carroll

excellent yet again

by scott h

paul has been servicing / fixing / customizing my guitars for the last 16 years. always great!!!scott hill

Nice guy!

by DJ J

Took in my Taylor with a splitting top and back. Not only was Paul able to repair it, but taught me how to prevent it from happening again. Adjusted the action lower than I thought it could go. Now it practically plays itself! I can't put the guitar down. Thanks Paul.

by Ron M

We took one of our GIbson J-160's into GR to get a tune-up. Paul went above, and beyond with his work. This guy really knows his craft. He also paid attention to the detail that WE asked him to pay attention to. We're going to call on him again, for sure.Thanks.Ron

Really Great Work!!

by Cass C

Brought in a new Epiphone Dot that had controls not not correctly adjusted. Paul diagnosed and fixed it perfectly. Everything works great now, and it plays excellently!! Paul is great!

Utmost confidence!

1 by Keith M

I have taken all my guitars to Paul for various reasons. From the moment I walked into his meticulously clean shop the first time several years ago to my most recent visit yesterday, Paul has never disappointed. He schedules one on one visits and listens well. He allows me, the customer, to communicate all I have to say and then he responds to all the points covered. He is very professional and a true craftsman. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to care for my gear! I recommend him to all my guitarist friends. Thanks Paul! I really enjoy suppoprting you in doing what you love to do.

Quality Luthier

by Aaron P

I will have my guitar straightened out in no time. Thank you for helping me figure out what it really needs. It was nice to see you again after working together so many years ago!

Excellent work!

by Robert L

As always. Thanks, Paul


by Val W

I received some sound advice from Paul. Will go here again, and I recommend Guitar Remedy to anyone who needs work done on their guitar.

Southern California's Leading Expert

by Steven G

I have been playing stringed instruments for over 45 years, and have all my many new and vintage instruments serviced, repaired, and maintained exclusively by Paul. He is not only a superb craftsman, Paul is a spiritual musician, and a joy to know. Thanks Paul for taking care of all my six-string children. Steve Glowalla

The Best Ever - My Strat's Better Than New

by Geoffrey S

I met Paul and The Guitar Remedy through Marc Seal from The Ultimate Guitar Show, and Paul is an absolute genius... Professional, Polite, and a Perfectionist. He did a complete set-up and some re-wiring on my '59 Fender Stratocaster Vintage Reissue, and he knew the differences down to every detail. My guitar is better than it was on the day it was new 16 years ago. I've already recommended Paul to my friends, and I can wait to bring him my Takamine. As others have said it here - and it's all true - he is amazing and I will never go anywhere else. And if that's not enough to convince you that The Guitar Remedy is THE remedy for your guitar, then the turnaround time will astound you. Trust me, you've come to the right place!

The Right Stuff!

by Dave N

Before coming to Paul, I contemplated selling my Taylor to get another guitar. I brought the guitar to Paul and he noticed some flaws in the electronics and the mechanical setup. I agreed to have the guitar fixed and now I am in love with my guitar again. Paul did a wonderful job. Excellent service, quick and super friendly. I've already told all my musician friends to go to Paul. Great stuff. Thanks again, Paul!

Total Pro

by Norm M

Paul is the go to guy for the working guitarist in Orange County. I highly recommend him.

Guitar Remedy is the best.

by Rich M

My appointment was on time and I didn't have to wait. Very professional, and having Guitar Remedy working on my guitars, I know they'll come back just singing. Plus, the security at that place is top of the line. Overall, Very happy (again) to deal with Paul and Guitar Remedy!!

Great service and great conversation

by Joe K

Paul is very, very good at what he does. It's either the Taylor factory direct or Paul at Guitar Remedy from now on. In fact, I think this setup is even better than the factory setup from Taylor! Great clear pick guard installation which can be very tricky to do well. Paul handled it flawlessly. As if that's not enough, Paul's a really nice guy too! My wife and I enjoyed our conversation while he took care of my guitar right there on the spot so I wouldn't have to come back for it later! Fantastic service. Highly recommended.

Taylor GS8

by Michael A

Paul, I'm so happy with my GS8 now, it sounded better plugged in and in recording. You did an iincredible job! Highly recommended! .....Michael Aggabao

Thank you for the encouragement

by Kendra M

Working with Guitar Remedy proved was a blessing. Thanks Paul and Mike.


by Ron C

Paul really seems to know guitars both as a technician and as someone who is sensitive to the sound of different guitars. I'm certain my guitar is going to play and sound a lot better when I get it back.

Excellent work.

1 by andrew d

I have been coming to Paul for all my guitar work for close to ten years now. He has made all of my guitars, whether acoustic or electric, sound really, really good, even the knock-around practice ones. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Nice... Really Nice

by Don R

I cannot believe how great my guitar sounds after Paul's TLC!!! I asked him to for a complete setup on my brand new Fender and perform a warranty repair too (GR is an authorized Fender repair station). I received my guitar back in shiny condition (Paul even removed the film from the pick guard!!). I was impressed with the feel of the new setup at the shop & was blown away when I had a chance to plug in. I am definitely a return customer.

Fine Adjust

by Steve P

Paul evaluated my new GC4 Taylor. He determined a small neck and action adjustment would give me the playability I was looking for. I picked up the guitar and could not be happier. Now my guitar plays as good as it sounds, Great! Thanks Paul.


by Ivan Y

I am a VERY finicky person when it comes to my basses. Paul just hit a home run with my bass. the sound is perfect. Thank you for your professional service and attention to detail. If anyone is thinking of going anywhere else to have their guitar worked on, you are really doing yourself a disservice. Guitar Remedy is great.


by Scott G

Very happy to find a capable and skilled factory trained Taylor repair guy within a short distance from my home. Paul had my electronics fixed within a week in time for a big gig and even went the extra distance to fix items he noticed were in need. No more long drives to El Cajon!

Lori Y says: He's the guy to go to.

by Lori Y

I have been taking my guitars to Paul for about 15 years now and recently had a guitar built. Paul is the ONLY one I would trust to work on my guitars. When bringing them in for repairs, he doesn't usually ask me what is wrong with the guitar, he tells me what is wrong with them and what they are doing. He is ALWAYS right! He is not only an expert in guitars, he is a super business man. I WILL NEVER TAKE MY GUITARS ANYWHERE ELSE! Thanks Paul for being true to your calling.

Only the best

by Ron S

Write your review�My Gretsch 5120 setup was the work of a master luthier.�It realy shows the pride you take in your work.

Phenomenal Setup

by Keith F

Paul did a complete setup on my Fender Deluxe Telecaster. I have been to several other guitar techs in the Southern California area and none have even come close to the setup Paul did for me. He was very personable, asked all of the right questions, and set the guitar up exactly how I wanted it. I won't ever go to anyone else.

Excellent Job!

by Sam L

Paul fixed my Taylor GS8's crack on the top that was damaged about 7 cm by physical impact. Even though there is only little mark, I don't feel any trouble or problem when I touch. I really appreciate Paul's great job. This is better than my expectation!!

Quality Setup

by Nick A

Paul did the initial setup on my recently built custom strat. He did a stellar job and it feels/plays beautifully! Paul definitely seems to strive towards quality work and great customer satisfaction. I'm always skeptical about taking a guitar to a new tech, but I'll be going back to Guitar Remedy for sure.

Ron P. says:

by Ron P

Thanks for the professional job and a reasonable price. I will send anyone I can to have Paul repair their instruments. Thanks again Paul.

Fast, Friendly, and no doubt reliable

by Bill J

I've seen no better, Paul goes above and beyond all others.

Thank you

by Robert L

Paul made my old Taylor new again. Couldn't be happier.

Paul is a PRO !!

by TriskelionProAudio H

Paul will continue to get all of our business. His service and commitment are second to none !!

Found my go to Guitar Luthier

by Daniel H

So for I've just been in for the initial consultation for my 2002 Taylor714ce. I like Paul's professional attitude and you can tell he cares for his clients and their instruments. I can't wait to get my Taylor back.

Paul is the MAN!

by Tim S

I've been taking my basses to Paul for about 5 years now and trust him completely. He has done everything from basic setups and fret dressing to building a complete bass for me from a pile of parts. His assessments are always accurate and his work is exceptional. It's really nice to just know you have a guy that can always deal with your issues. I recommend him highly!

Outstanding Workmanship and Service

by Eddie S

I have a lot of mandolins and guitars - I love to collect, play, and release back into the wild... I go to Paul for ALL my repair work, upgrades, touch-ups. His workmanship is first-class, he has avery professional attitude while being the most down-to-earth guy. He is nothing short of a magician when it comes to touching up old mandolins. He has an eye for color subtleties and amazing attention to detail. Absolutely outstanding.

Unparalleled Service!

by Anthony B

It's no coincidence that nearly EVERY rating is 5 stars...because the quality of work, and overall experience, is fantastic. Paul doesn't ask people to write these reviews, but my guess is, that people are as thrilled with how nice their instruments sounds/plays, that the first thing they want to do is praise the man behind it. Thanks again for making my Les Paul even better than it was!

The Best in town

by Glyn N

I have been taking my guitars to Paul for almost 5 years and would never think of going anywhere else to have them tweaked and tuned. I am a collector mostly and Paul has done work on about 20 of my guitars. He really takes pride in his work and always takes time to really understand what the customer wants. Thanks for everything Paul

I trust my girls to only one man....Paul

by Mark A

Just purchased a Fender Jumbo body and it's going to the same place my other 3 beauties have gone... Guitar Remedy. From the time you hand over your axe to the time it's given back to you... Paul displays a pleasant smile and treats you and your axe with kindness and respect. This guy knows more than just his stuff. He knows how to appreciate a fine instrument and makes its sound better. He even makes me sound better. I'm from South OC and it's worth the drive and the time, he takes to make an instrument sound like a 'work of art'. Trust no one with your girls...Paul is your man

Perfect place!

by Yuyi G

Paul is nice and professional! I will never go anywhere else.


by Tony P

Paul gets down to business and is down to earth... although I know this world is not his home. He gets the job done, knows his stuff and is invaulable as my consultant in the instrument biz.

Great guy!

by Jason E

Awesome initial appointment, I can't wait to see the work on my Taylor 810ce

Above and beyond customer service! Excellent work on my Martin Hd28

by Omar L

I brought my Hd28 Martin to Paul and had the complete set up service.Paul treated me like if he knew me for years and listened and advice me about my guitar.When I left his place i felt very satisfied and happy to know I have found somebody of his caliber to work on my beloved instrument.When I picked up the guitar I was seriously amazed how he set up the action, fine tuning and intonation.His work is excellent so please if you love your instrument bring it to Paul he will make it sound the way it should sound and more.Next is my 914ce taylor I cant wait.Paul thank you and god bless you and your family.Omar ledezma


by Randy K

I drive from Fontana to Santa Ana because Paul is the best. This visit he took my scratchy P-90's and replaced them with vintage humbucking pickups that fit into the P-90 bodies - AWESOME!!! Paul is professional, kind, and does not cut corners.

Best in Southern CA

by Caleb W

I drive all the way from Burbank to OC because the quality of his work is unmatched in the industry. His attention to detail is amazing, and takes great care of his clients' instruments. Paul is a great guy, awesome customer service, extremely knowledgeable, and manages a incredibly clean and well organized studio.

And vocal lessons, too?

by Bob N

Paul, you already know how pleased I am to have met you and your skills. Today I had the privledge of receiving voice lessons from Marnie. She has a sensitive and tactful way of helping me get to where she wants me to go. It can be pretty scary and/or embarrassing to open up your pipes in front of the world (well, it felt like the world), but I didn't feel a bit of worry.You both are wonderful people and possess wonderful talents.Furthermore, your shop/studio is bitchen. I didn't want to leave!So, thank you x!000. See you soon!Bob Newmark

Paul the man

by Billy M

Thank you Paul for another great repair, it was great to see you and talk with you. Thank you for making the time for my small repair proving you really are here for us. I can't tell you how good it is to have a person like you in my life. God Bless

Paul is Super cool!!!

by John A

Paul is Super Cool! He gave me some great ideas on how to make the most out my guitar. The most out it's sound...the most out of it's playability and he took the time to explain why. I can't wait to play my new Martin OMJM, I'm super excited and I will definetly use Paul again in the future. He's very easy going and you can tell he loves what he does. Thanks Paul God Bless!

World Class Guitar Work

by Ismael M

Paul has set up all my guitars, Jazz, Classical, and Steel String. I know I can count on a first class, worry free job coming from Paul every time. His attention to detail is without question unsurpassed. Whether it is action adjustments, pickgurds, fret rework, pickups, you can always count on a finely tuned instrument when Paul is all done with it. I highly recommend his professionalism, customer service and fair prices. Ismael (Ish)

Taylor Repair

by Dave M

I am extremely satisfied with my service at Guitar Remedy! Paul is a consummate professional! My friend an I brought in two Taylor six strings and they were serviced immediately. I especially like Paul's personality and his honest expertise. I definitely be back!

love the remedy!

by paul M

paul is a master of the craft

Can't be beat!

by Ray L

Paul brought my Martin to life. I recommend Guitar Remedy for any of your repair or set up needs. He's got the experience and will explain what needs to be done. The online appoint set up works pretty good too.Thanks

Making a sweet guitar Sweeter

by Mark C

What a great experience - taking a guitar you love to someone for the first time on the recommendation of friends and being impressed with the quality of both customer service and workmanship.This was my first time because I had less than great experiences with other guys in the same line of work. I'm very happy to say it won't be my last time, and it is a great feeling knowing I won't have to look around for a new guy again.Thanks Paul for making a sweet guitar sweeter!

Born again Strat

by Marc B

I gave my guitar to Paul, and even though he had much work to do before he could get to my guitar, when I finally got it back it was absolutely fantastic! Paul does amazing work and I am going to bring all my guitars to him.

Incredible Service

by Cory E

I brought my guitar in thinking I was going to drop it off and have to come back in a week or so and within ten minutes he had it fixed and back in my hands. I was blown away!!!

Great Experience

by cliff s

Paul is friendly, fair, professional, and does amazing work. He got my Taylor back up and running like brand new. saved me some money in the process too :)

Best in Southern California!

by Caleb W

I will never take my guitars anywhere else, despite being almost 50 miles from Paul's shop. Customer service and quality of work is top notch.

Fantastic Work!

by Brian W

Paul did an amazing job on my Fender Jazz Bass-Problem solved and resolved, Great Work!!!Brian

2nd Impression

by Steve H

I picked up my guitars yesterday and played them both last night. WOW! Thank you Paul. The setup on them is way better than when they were new. They look and sound awesome and they play perfectly. I'm recommending you to all my friends.

Great Service!!

by Corky B

I have used Guitar Remedy for many years, and have come to really appreciate Paul's meticulous eye for detail and his fine service. If you are looking for service beyond your expectations, whatever that may be, give Guitar Remedy a chance...his price is very reasonable, and his service is fantastic!Corky Burnett

First Impression ( Initial Consultation )

by Steve H

Paul is very knowledgeable, practical and helpful. His repair studio is very neat and well organized. The shop area was just as impressive. Maybe even more so. You can tell a lot about a craftsman by how he maintains his work space. I'm looking forward to picking up my Taylors later this week. I'll post another review after I have a chance to play them.

The Very Best

by Dan B

Paul has worked on at least 6 guitars of mine and every time it's perfect. He's precise, thorough and a good honest dude.

This guy is dialed in!

by Keith M

Every time I drop off one of my guitars with Paul I leave with the assurance that he will do exactly as we discussed and it will be done with the utmost care. He listens carefully, pays attention to every detail and has the experience as a craftsman and a musician to deliver a quality job. Thanks Paul for loving your craft!

Worth The Drive

by Cameron R

From San Bernardino to Tustin in the storm completely worth it!!!!!

Truly a commitment to service

by Travis G

I had a minor repair to my Taylor Expression System, but I needed it done quickly. Paul took care of it and all the paperwork for the warranty, scheduling appointments, etc. with fantastic communication all along the way. He pays the same exacting attention to customers regardless of whether the repair is big or small.

He's da Man !!

by Dan C

Say all the good things you want about Paul's work, but it's not enough. Tell him what you want or need, and if it's possible, he'll get it done...right and the first time! I've taken 7 or 8 to him, including some brand new ones, and my only regret is that I didn't meet him sooner!


by Angie L

Paul's customer service is exceptional. He went the extra mile in helping me resolve & fix not only what was wrong with my Taylor, but he took the time to research & find some information out about it as well. Thanks Paul!

Best in the West!

by Rich U

After using 10 different guys in the last 20 years in OC for instrument repairs, I finally found the right one. I buy and sell a lot of instruments and have lost count of the number of vintage guitars Paul has tuned up or repaired for me. Each one has been done perfect. This is the right guy and he will take care of you. Thanks again Paul!

Excellent !!!!

1 by scott h

Paul has been fixing / repairing / bringing my guitrs back to life since 1996. Always excellent service!

Old music veteran

by Damon D

Being an old music veteran - I began performing in 1962 - I know the difference between reality and B.S. Paul puts his heart into every guitar he works on. I have a couple strats, a a guild acoustic bass, and two hand made 10 string gypsy guitars (hand crafted by Walt Kuhlman of Gypsys, Tempe, Ariz.). The positive change in the tonality as well as ease of action, is incredible. After I took my first guitar to Guitar Remedy, the improvement was so great, I decided to take all the rest of my guitars for a 'tune up'. Today I am taking two guitars of friends to Guitar Remedy. That is all I need to say.

Best Guitar Tech & Repair in OC!

by Ken L

I have had Paul set up my first Taylor 314ce and everything he did surpassed my expectations. Then he modified my Fender Am Strat and without being a guitar tech myself, he was able to translate what I wanted and needed for the mod to get the tone(s) I wanted...again flawless execution and attention to detail. Finally, I just got a 2000 Taylor 814c (prior to ES) and after we discussed what I was looking for he directed me to the best acoustic pickup currently out there...the LR Baggs Anthem and I couldn't be more pleased. It makes my amplified tone sound exactly like putting a high end mic up against my sound hole! Amazing sound and tone and he installed/tweaked it perfectly just as we discussed and even took a couple extra steps to finesse and adjust to accomplish seemless aesthetics in its looks. Oh, did I mention I am left handed which makes things a bit more complicated but no problem for Paul. He is the best and I highly recommend him for his quality of work and his obvious obsession/passion for all music and the instruments that make that music alive!

The Dude!

by Joe M

Paul and his staff have never let me down and always goes beyond to do A++ work! I have brought countless gtrs to Paul since 1996. I have shared my passion, to not settle for less, with every player I know regarding Guitar Remedy's amazing craftsmanship and superb customer service! Paul's also a sweet Dude!!!

Paul Stebner is the best....

by Dane Y

Paul Stebner has been taking care of my beloved Jackson Charvel for over ten years. I wouldn't trust my guitars to anyone else. Paul recently replaced all of the frets on my Charvel, and I couldn't be happier, it plays and sounds perfect. The quality of his work is top-notch, and you won't find an easier person to work with.

Top notch as always.

by Ian B

Like I tell everyone, Paul is the only person I'll take my guitars to if it's a problem I can't fix myself. Knowledgeable, compassionate, quality work. A true artist.

Very impressed with my first time.

by Oscar R

It was my first time getting any kind of proffesional work on my american fender jazz bass and luckily it all worked out.Paul gives great customer service and listens to everything you have to say.His prices are good and does an amazaing job.He made me fall in love with my bass once again with the amazing basic setup he did.He definitely has a client now and will be taking my stuff with him whever i have a problem.I recommend him to anyone

My good friend

by Jamie L

No doubt that there are others who are as good as Paul. I have no idea where they are as Paul has been caring for my guitars for 20 years. First off, he is a quality human being with solid core values. He has always listened as carefully to me as I have to him. Any of his customers would vouch for that. No matter what the value of any given instrument, inexpensive to $$$$$, he just can't not do a a great job. He can't help it. It's one of his God given gifts. What he has always done for me is make my guitars be the best they can be. He never trys to make an instrument into something it's not. If you're not happy with your guitar after Paul has serviced it, sell it and look for another. It is also my great pleasure to call Paul one of my best friends. This is of more value to me than any guitar. God's continued Blessings,Jamie

Quality Service, Quality Person

by Doug F

Paul has been working on my guitars and bass for many years now. I first discovered Paul when I purchased a discounted Gretsch at Guitar Center. The guitar was brand new, but had been in the store for some time, and was not in great shape (for a new guitar). I don't remember how I found Paul, but I had tried a few other guitar technicians, and wasn't impressed with any of them (they called me dude, and bro, smelled like cigarettes, and didn't bother to make recomendations as the subject matter expert). It seemed as though they cared more about $, then my guitar(s). I've got a lot invested in my collection, and it's important to me that they are cared for properly. When I took the Gretsch in (expecting to pay quite a bit to bring it back to life), Paul suggested that he could complete most of the work under warranty, and saved me quite a bit of money. In addition to caring about me and my guitars, Paul is a quality person that truly cares about doing the right thing. His work is perfect, and my guitars look and play better than the day I bought them. Paul recently put a pick up in my Gibson J180 Everly acoustic, and it plays and sounds perfect. With all the great work that Paul has done on my collection, I think the biggest reason that I keep going back (and have referred all of the guys in my band), is because Paul is a really nice guy that runs a quality business, and does professional work at reasonable rates. Take all of your guitars to Paul, and you won't believe how great they look, sound, and play.

Paul is the best

by Trevor G

Great guy. Great work. Spends the time to discuss any issues you are having. Been taking my guitars to him for years. Thanks Paul.

Blake Ormonde

by Blake O

I took my guitar in yesterday to get a crack repair, and all I gotta say is Paul Stebner is the man! Haven't gotten my guitar back yet but just from meeting with him and talking to him, I know he is going to do a KILLER job!! He is a totally friendly, down to earth guy, the kind of guy that makes you want to bring more guitars into him!

Top of the line!!

by Jeff N

All the reviews above completely express my experience with Paul...Amazingly talented!! I used Paul to do some work done recently on my beloved relic strat, and I can honestly say it is the finest, most true set-up I have ever had!! In addition to the fine, detailed work he performed, his business is set up incredibly professionally and efficiently....the appointment was scheduled, I received an email reminder, a follow-up email, and my turn around time was excellent. Thank you so much Paul, you will receive all of my work, and my referals in the future!!

Paul the Remedy Man

by Billy M

What can i say the work you turn out is unbelievable, the way the guitar came back after being so hopless. I knew if anyone, it was you who could fix this axe. Man you are the best and what a pleasure to be welcomed at you office the way you do. There are so many reasons there is no one else for me. I have sent many a riend to you with great satisfaction and one of them, thanked me and told me it was the best thing I ever did for him and I have known him over 25 years! Thank you very much.Billy

High marks from everyone

by Billy M

Paul, Rich and Jimmy are so happy with their guitars. The Les Paul is sweet again, the work on the 72 Martin was just perfect. You can't see the prior damage or any evidence of your work. Wow! I have been thanked repeatedly by people I have referred to you. Over and over again they tell me what a great job you did. What a great guy, well I have to agree. It is great knowing when I send someone to you I can always be confident they will be happy with your work and ethics. Thanks it is a pleasure to refer you to my friends.

True Professional

by Burton L

Paul is truly a professional at what he does and, of equal importance, he truly cares about what he does. I have been taking my fleet of guitars, both acoustic and electric, to Paul for years and have always been 100% satisfied. He is a craftsman of the highest caliber... two big thumbs up for Paul and the staff at Guitar Remedy!

Superb Crraftsman

by Christopher R

Knows what to do, is able to do it and pay attention to every detail to optimize the instrument.

Second to None!

by Bruce J

I have just left off my new (old) '62 Gibson ES 125 for re-gluing of the neck. After 48 years the glue has failed. I've had a number of guitars cared for by Paul, and whether it's a cheapie or top name, his work is always top-drawer. Impeccable craftsmanship, precise detailing are the hallmarks of his work. He always takes time to listen and get a clear picture of how you play and what your goals are for the instrument. When I get this 125 back, look out! George Thorogood!

The best in the biz!

by Kenny G

Paul is absolutley the best to work with. He pays a special attention to detail and not only does excellent work but does it with the utmost of integrity. He is my guitar doctor and he understands the importance of taking care of every detail and care for my guitars as if they were his own. He gets to know your guitar like you do. That makes me feel truly at ease leaving my vintage guitars with him. I rest assured he will take the time to answer any and all of my questions and even go a step beyond. I have had several guitars worked on by him over the years and I have happily walked out with a better guitar every time and they can't get any better. I will always recommend him every time. Guitar Remedy is the remedy.


by Randy K

Paul... You have a servant's heart and also have a giving heart! God Bless you. My guitar plays so nice and the repair looks great! In addition, the extra work you did is appreciated. Rock On! Randy

My Guild never sounded this good! .....ever!

by Karl R

I bought a vintage Guild 6 string acoustic guitar about 6 or 7 years ago. It was the best sounding guitar I could find in the store. Sounded better than $3,000 guitars that were stashed way in the back. I play it with pride and amazement that this guitar only cost me $650. Recently I wanted to update this guitar with a clean, quality pickup. Fate led me to Paul. I found him to be knowledgeable, professional, talented and best of all.....honest! He could have sold me a very expensive pick up, but suggested a great quality pick up that best suited me and my style of play. He did such a clean job you would never be able to tell this was even done....until it's plugged in! I thought this guitar sounded good before. This guitar sounds incredible now. Such a clean full sound, this was a perfect choice (his recommendation) of add-on for my guitar. He also made adjustments and setup the guitar so the action is better than it has ever been. This guitar literally never sounded or played this good (almost 30 years old). It gets better. He kept me informed as to the progress, answered any questions I had (returns phone calls and emails) and finished the job sooner than expected. His prices are very comparable to other quotes as well. I will happily continue business with Paul and Guitar Remedy. Great job Paul!!

Professional Experience and Excellent Work!

by Matt W

I was referred to Paul by the Performing arts guild of Orange County. I brought Paul my Gibson SG and my cheap classical guitar. Paul restrung both guitars, reset the action and cleaned and straightened the necks. Overall a fantastic experience. I will be going to Paul for all of my guitar needs. This is a great business, I would recommend to anyone in need of guitar repair.

I trust Paul with all my instruments

by Bill S

I found Paul on a referral from the Taylor factory repair rep. He's taken the buzz out of the G string on my Taylor, got my Tele to stay in tune, and adjusted my neck through the body Rcik 5 string. Every recommendation he's made has been right on, yet he never tries to run up the bill.When you find someone you can trust with your instruments, its a good day indeed.

The best in the business

by Robert B

I've been going to Paul for the last 12 years, and I wouldn't trust my guitar to anyone else. No matter what problem I have with my guitar, Paul always finds a way to fix it. I'm a costumer for life!

The Best

by Pastor Dave G

We've been bringing our church worship group guitars to Paul for a number of years now. He is the only person we allow to touch our very expensive Martins, Taylors and Gibson guitars. His work is flawless and it is a outward view of the kind of guy he is. He is the best and great gift to our church.

There is no one better.

by Devin S

I've been blessed with Paul as a luthier for the last 5 years. Another pro session player mentioned that he was good so I dropped by with my acoustic that was starting to have fret buzz. Since that day, I will never go anywhere else.His attention to detail, amazing listening and most importantly, his quality of work is perfect. My guitars get complements from large venue sound techs who can't believe the clarity.Some people have claimed that they would rather go to guitar center or some other place because it's cheaper. Paul's prices are low considering the craftsmenship that he applies.The most important thing that Paul does is listen and get to know his customers. That is rare in this business. I was recently impressed with Taylor's level of care for their customers, but I would still put Paul Stebner above them. He's in a class all his own.


by Chris M

Went in a few days ago and had my Taylor guitar worked on. Paul did a great job! This man knows his stuff, and he's SUPER friendly. I highly recommend him!

Look No Further

by kim D

Paul is the best-it's that simple. Professional, friendly, and very talented. He has a keen eye and pays attention to every detail. You can leave your guitar without a second thought and feel confident that you'll be more than satisfied when you pick it up.

The True Profession

by Yong Suk L

Now I'm waiting for my guitar to get it fixed. And How he treats his customer is very professional ! at the same time He is so friendly, it is just like i bring my guitar to one of my best friend. >>> He Cares About Your Guitar And He Cares a Lot about You who hand in Your lovely guitar with trust!


by Mary R

I've now brought 2 different guitars in for Paul to work on- the first, my poor Taylor with a seriously cracked face and the second, a friend's Taylor with intonation problems. Both were not only fixed to perfection, but the guitars seriously sound better than I've ever heard them before. I learn something new about guitars every time I see him! Quality service, quality people. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

RA Service

by Ritchie V

RA's from manufactures never are the easiest process when you are a consumer trying to get an instrument repaired, let alone replaced. In fact if can be a downright frustrating and time consuming affair. Paul not only negotiated an RA for a guitar replacement for our client, he did it in timely and efficient fashion.Lastly, once the guitar was received back from the manufacture, he added a set up for the client, which was not expected. The last email I got from my client was that he was playing his new guitar for hours the night previous and couldn't thank me enough for putting his guitar in the hands of Guitar Remedy.Thanks Paul and Josh for your services...


by Jacqueline R

I am in LOVE with my guitar again! His attention to detail was perfect and even though she is 41 years old she sounds NEW again!! I am so glad I found him on the Internet. He is a very down to earth kind of guy and I felt comfortable leaving her in his hands. THANK YOU PAUL :)

Taylor Never Sounding Better

by Terry C

Paul did a great job fixing up my Taylor expression system that was not working. Did a nice setup, did it quick and sounded beautiful when I got home and played it.

Omar R.

by Omar R

Paul always performs his work in the most professional manner. I have personally had setup and repair services to my basses and I would only trust Paul with my high end instruments. AAA

I Trust No Other Luthier

by Vincent L

I have been bringing my guitars to Paul for about a year and a half now- and I must say, his work is fantastic. I trust no other guitar luthier with my guitars and basses. He has helped me completly remodel my Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster and I plan to have him do the same for my Fender Aerodyne Classic Stratocaster when I get the parts. I even go as far as to reffer my best friends and band mates to him. One of which had a Squier Strat that we stripped to the bare body and had him completly rebuild. It is now one of the best guitars I have ever played including the one that he has previously done for me. Another great friend of mine plans to take his Schecter C-1 Hellraiser to him to have him fix, repair, restore and upgrade when he gets the parts together. In the end. Paul's work is fantastic and I have complete trust and faith in him and I reffer him to anybody I meet who needs ANY guitar work done.

Great Customer Service

by Roscoe W

Really fast, reasonably priced, quality service. Answered a lot of questions about guitar care.

Paul Stebner and Guitar Remedy is the best in the biz

by Phil B

I've taken my guitars to many people of the course of my career, and many of the people I've used are very good. However, Paul at Guitar Remedy is the best in the biz. Paul is the most gifted Luthier around and he's just a great guy. If you don't want to take your guitar to someone else to repair a job that doesn't meet your standards, take it to Paul who always gets it right the first time! Phil Bardowell (Recording Artist/Songwriter/Musician)

Less than 24 hours!

by Herbert H

I've never had a guitar serviced with such speed. Brought in my acoustic and got my expression system replaced in less than 24 hours. Paul's service was above and beyond. Plus his studio kicks ass. I will return with anything I need done to my guitars.

The Best in California, maybe the best in the Country

by MJ P

As a professional touring and studio musician, I regularly need instruments that play great, sound great, and that play in tune and inspire me whether I'm alone in my room, on stage, or in the studio. For 15 years I've brought my instruments to Guitar Remedy and Paul and company have been nothing but the best in service, reliability, support, and very fair pricing. It's great to have someone who takes great pride in their craft, working on your instruments. It's even more wonderful to have someone who cares about you and the sound you are going for so that your instruments play and sound great.Thanks Paul Stebner for bringing so much life and renewal to our instruments and also to our lives!

Pride of Ownership

by Frank B

Paul treats every single instrument as if it were his own. He's the perfect blend of artist, perfectionist and craftsman, which is a dying breed in this day and age. There are no corners cut, no overcharging and no work done that isn't essential. When you take an instrument in to Guitar Remedy you just know the work will be done right the very first time. It's amazing how many people, pro's and amateurs alike, know about Guitar Remedy.

Hey Remedy Man

by Billy M

You will have to look a long time to find anyone with as much talent, commitment to quality and people like the Remedy Man Paul stebner. He has worked on every guitar I have and I have over 20! Everyone who even touches my guitars always remarks on how great they all are. Well folks it is not the guitars it is the man setting them up. Proof is in the pudding boy and girls, results speak volumes. The best thing sabout Guitar Remedy is Paul he cares about getting it right for you and is fair with pricing. You can't go wrong unless you don't bring you axe to The Remedy Man!!!!

Famous in his field!

by Tris J

Been bringing Paul gear for several years, and I'll always come back when needed. I've found many musicians who have been to Paul, or have heard about Paul. I wouldn't recommend any other remedy for guitars.


by Hilary W

Amazing work and completely trustworthy.

Superb Attention to Detail

by Alex R

Great Customer Service.

Above and beyond professional, Amazing technical artist, and almost a mind reader!

by Sunup H

Over the past 4-5 years I have brought 3 totally different used guitars (Taylor 314ce (setup), Taylor 355 (major setup) and a Gibson ES 137 Classic (new nut, TV Jones PUs, Orange Drop Caps, Tonepros hardware, setup)) in and Paul has done miracle-quality work on all of them. I could go ahead and list the things he did on the guitars in technical fashion, but that'd take away from what it is that Paul does. For starters, the guy just takes time to listen to you. Even as busy as his shop is (seems like he always has loyal customers that come by for a visit, for questions, or to get some work done on their guitars), he'll take as much time as he can to genuinely listen to you to see what your guitar needs truly are. There were a number of times that I called him on the phone or dropped by just to ask questions, and the guy took time to lend an ear as well as his technical expertise even though I hadn't paid a cent or committed to get any work done. For my last appointment on my Gibson ES, since he had a little bit more time than usual on that particular day, he even let me hang out at the shop for a couple of hours so that he could spend some time learning about what the guitar would be used for, what kind of music I play/listen to, what other equipment I use, and what sound I was going for (ie-translating my guitar jargon (ie-boxy midrange, high end sparkle, low end push, growl, bite) into useful technical terms that he could use to help me perfect my guitar-seriously I felt like this guy could read my mind in terms of defining the tone I was going for!). It was time well spent to just soak up alot of knowledge about guitars, pickups, and hardware in general (things that Paul has no doubt learned not only from his own experience and passion with guitars and music, but also from constantly conversing with some of the leaders in the guitar/pickup world as well), and also gave me a great appreciation for his attention to detail and customer service. Seriously, the guy is all that you'd want in a guitar technician/artist. He's way precise about the details and knowledgeable about the gear (but not in a socially awkward savant sort of way), but also so friendly, humble, and just an awesome guy to talk with. You spend more than 10 minutes with the guy and you can tell that he works with alot of integrity and that he really cares about his craft and his customer. The guy has even helped me with ways I could shave costs off my bigger guitar projects. In this business you get what you pay for, and with Guitar Remedy you get quality and customer service in spades. By the way if you're credit guy like me, make sure you bring cash or check!

The perfect marriage of art and science

by Steven G

Paul is simply the best- technical expertise, artistic sensibilities, always insuring the instrument's full potential of musical expression and personal playability.

The Finest Customer Service, Technical Expertise, and Personal Attention

by Jimmie B

Paul truly cares about your instrument, maybe often times, more than you. He loves the craft of romancing the best from an instrument. He produces, plays, records, and writes music, he is all about music and gives all he has to the betterment of the music craft. He not only is accomplished in every aspect of music, he loves people and sincerely wants them to experience the same joy he has for the music craft. Paul is a wonderful husband, father, and friend. I have watched Paul study his craft of instrument repair, for as long as he has been in business, with a single minded purpose, 'the finest quality and best service'. He never rests on his past achievements, but is always growing in his craft. Though he may say he's not a luthier he has reassembled many stringed instrument from broken splinters of wood. Paul has taken my brand new guitars and has always made them better than the original manufacturer, even my Tom Anderson electric and my custom shop Martin acoustic were improved by Paul.Paul replaced the saddle, nut and bridge pins on my custom shop Martin from bulk fossilized ivory. He shaped from scratch these components into not only a flawlessly intonated instrument, but added a voice to this guitar that knows no equal. I have worked with many repairmen, but Paul has no equal in both service and quality.